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14 September 2017

Blackbird London is a family run business specialising in hand crafted, bespoke furniture. It is the brainchild of Founder & Creative Director Maggie Calmels, who,, together with her partner, Louis, an experienced blacksmith, design, make and sell artisan metal furniture, mirrors, lighting and decorative accessories.

The business was formed out of a desire to produce and sell high-end, hand made items that customers and clients would enjoy. Having taken a keen interest in interiors for many years, Maggie saw an opportunity to bring to market bespoke pieces of furniture that are well made, long lasting and of course, beautiful to look at. What’s more each item is made and finished by hand by skilled artisans in their SW8 workshop, using modern proprietary techniques, perfected over three generations.

Metal work

All of the furniture is designed by Maggie who finds inspiration in themes, trends, moods and materials. Using this inspiration, Maggie creates the initial designs. These ideas are then presented to Louis who transforms the visual concepts into computerised models and prototypes. These are then adjusted and amended to ensure that each item produced is of the highest quality and meets all required standards.

Blackbird London’s inaugural collection, ‘Let There Be Light’ has just launched online and in their boutique showroom in Battersea. The collection comprises tables, mirrors, lighting and accessories. New additions are going to be added to the range shortly plus a new theme will be emerging for A/W17. For directions to the showroom and opening hours, please click here.


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