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14 September 2017

Maggie talks about the ‘Let There Be Light’ collection, where it derives from and it’s launch.

What is behind the Let There Be Light collection?

Let There Be Light’ is inspired by the creation of the cosmos, a subject that has always fascinated Louis (partner) and me. We are captivated by cosmology and the field outside the scope of the earth. This interest dates back to over 30 years ago when Louis designed and built a model solar system, the Calmels Orrery. Ever since, we have found our fascination in stars, planets, moons, comets and galaxies ever growing and decided to use this inspiration as part of Blackbird Home's inaugural furniture collection, ‘Let There Be Light’.

Metal work

How does this translate into the various pieces of furniture?

We have used a range of specially devised textures, including ‘crater’ which is designed to evoke the pitted surface of the moon, ‘ripple’ textures is intended to feel like a naturally weathered surface. Along with our special textures, we have hand-applied metallic finishes, such as old gold, antique silver, bronze and white bronze, to reflect the colours found in the cosmos. We have also used round and arc shapes to suggest the form of the planets and the light created by planetary movements.

Which is the standout piece?

Without a doubt it's the Luna Mirror. This stunning piece is a built around a large convex mirror with a special antique finish to make it look like the surface of the moon. The giant steel frame is made of several tiers, all finished with a special white bronze surface creating an illuminating bespoke piece of furniture.

Will you be adding new items to the range?

Absolutely. The Luna Mirror is a prime example – it’s been so popular that we are now working on a smaller, simpler version to add to the ‘Let There Be Light’ range. We are also working on new tables, mirrors and accessories to add to the range.

Where will you be launching the range?

The range will be launching at our Boutique Battersea Showroom on the 30th September to our retail customers and on the 3rd October for our trade customers. The range will also be exclusively available online at


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